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Word and Steel (Epic LitRPG Adventure – Book 9) (Fayroll) 

Warning! This quest is impossible to complete on your own. Bring a group of friends with you.

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Warning! This quest is impossible to complete on your own. Bring a group of friends with you.
Dark days are dark days, but a job has to be done, no matter how dangerous Harriton’s life can be. Fayroll, filled with epic raids in the company of the most unexpected team, tricky boss-battles await Laird Hagen!
Hagen used to minimize his interactions with other players, but now he stands at the edge of raid territory, and there’s no way he can proceed on his own. It is time for skills and tactics and undead raids led by an Immortal Baron. It is time to band together with old friends and clan mates.
The difficulties mount as the land of Fayroll is filled with a spawn of Darkness led by Lords of Death, while there are clan rivalries and wars. Everyone seems to have their own plans for the virtual universe. They are all combatants in the name of a new Fayroll era, ancient Gods, and Darkness.
A mysterious player definitely knows where to hide and how to break the whole game’s rules set by Raidion. Game administrators are no longer the most enlightened and competent, so who knows how the online world will change? Fayroll is the epicenter of an upcoming revolution. It is the same as in the real world, where Harriton has to struggle for his life against a still unknown but powerful and unscrupulous enemy.
“Word and Steel” is the 9th book of Fayroll series by the most successful Russian LitRPG and Gamelit writer A. Vasilyev. It requires all of your attention and sucks you in as the plot keeps moving forward, revealing secrets of the past, while finding new ones to investigate. Discover the secrets of parallel worlds in Fayroll: Word and Steel!

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Andrey Vasilyev




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