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Sigil Online: Hellions

Adventures on Terra is a LitRPG adventure series

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Even heroes die.

For Riley and his friends, Sigil Online has never been more real. With the latest expansion, pain has been enabled and will now affect all players in-game.

Aptly named ‘Hellions,’ the expansion introduces monsters, but not the kind that paragons have been fighting for the past several years. This time, players can be the monsters they once sought to destroy.
But in a game where playing means having the money to survive in the real world, what will Riley do when death in the game doesn’t just mean an end to his character, but an end to his life?

Warning: Reading this novel may cause an uncontrollable desire to play Superhero MMOs.

Hellions is the sequel to Paragons, in the Sigil Online series.

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Jeff Sproul


Sigil Online


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