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Gods of Smoke and Stars: A Seeds of Chaos Adventure

My name is Eve Redding. You may have heard of me.

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My name is Eve Redding. You may have heard of me.

Since curing the Sickness, my team and I were in high demand. That’s why we were in a remote, smoke-filled desert attending a tournament-style Trial to honor the local goddess. Then, some idiot thief with an agenda beyond simple treasure decided to steal the Oracle’s third gift, a puzzle band that would grant prophetic visions when solved.

They gave it to the local goddess as an offering. If I wanted it back, I had to enter the blood games, and win.

This is a side adventure set in the Seeds of Chaos world. It runs concurrently with the end of Book 3, Gods of Myth and Midnight. In other words, it is set before the end of Gods of Myth and Midnight, and is NOT a continuation of the main story-line. It is a novella, at approximately 100 pages long.

Gods of Smoke and Stars is the fourth book in the Seeds of Chaos series, a side adventure novella that combines science fiction and game elements. Fans of Ready Player One, Red Rising, and The Hunger Games will likely enjoy this series.