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Digital Heretic (The Game is Life Book 2)

REVISED October 2015Millions on Earth are shaken by the events set in motion by Zack’s final play.

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REVISED October 2015

Millions on Earth are shaken by the events set in motion by Zack’s final play…
Billions on Tygon watch breathlessly as the consequences of his actions ripple through both worlds.
Will his girlfriend, still inside the Game, step forward to lead the movement that he created?
Billions of lives are in jeopardy of being lost…based on the decisions made by children inside the Game.

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Terry Schott


The Game is Life


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Editorial Review

"Mather is paving the road ahead and leaving phenomenal tales in hiswake. CyberStorm is a full-fledged entry into the SF genre--anothermasterpiece!" - Wes Davies, author of The Runner"A riveting account of the (potentially) devastating impact ofcyber attacks on ordinary citizens." - Merv Benson, book reviewer for Prairie Pundit

"CyberStorm is such a page turner. I couldn't wait to see what happenednext!" - Adria Fraser, book reviewer for Amazing Stories