Taj McCoy El

As a fanboy of forty-something years, I figured it was time to throw my hat into the realm of writing. Been a fan of sci-fi greats like Asimov and Heinlein forever. Tolkien, Jordan, Feist and Octavia Butler were my fantasy mentors. I read like a voracious little shrew. My mother would send me to my room and add, “You can’t read either,” for an extra level of punishment. Here we are years later and I’ve got four kids who love reading, video games and the story worlds that they create. While Talking to my 11-year-old, we came across an insane idea. What if she was stuck in a video game? I had Just discovered LitRPG in January of 2017 and started my first novel in March of the same year. Before this, the longest thing I had written was maybe twenty pages, and that was for school. Other than that, I’m a pretty good poet so creating visuals in your mind is what I do. Hope you all enjoy my work and I look forward to hearing from you.