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Ryan 'Viken' Henning

My name is Ryan, but I prefer going by the nickname Viken. I'm not very good at writing about myself, but I will try here for those of you who've become interested in me. I was born in May of 1989, in Nashville, TN, USA. I've lived most of my life in Kentucky, where I have a fairly large number of uncles (two on my father's side, four on my mom's), and by now I have quite a few cousins running around.Too many of them, truth be told. Hahaha.

I'm a classified high school dropout, but I have my G.E.D.. To use a modern term, you could consider me a N.E.E.T., with no training in anything I'm interested in outside of personal practice and learning. I'm not a journalist or an English expert, and I can only consider myself as an amateur author. I doubt I'll ever reach the level of skill that great authors enjoy.

I enjoy playing video games of all sorts, mainly various genres of Strategy games and RolePlaying Games. I'm a fan of table-top RPGs, like Dungeons and Dragons and White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. I also frequent an online roleplaying website called The Keep.

As for what I write, I'm into a wide selection, all of which are fiction. Sci-fi, medieval, steampunk, cyberpunk, fantasy... Yeah, my reading list is several hundred Gigabytes big on my computer. Heh. Most of what I write therefore tends to include various cross-genre selections that I make up for myself. Of what I've mostly written and thus far have published have been of the LitRPG genre, but that isn't all I write.

Hmm... Okay, I think that's enough about me. Anything more and I'll sit here and write out my entire life's story to everyone, which would be rather boring~ Hahaha.I hope you enjoy my books! And I thank you for your support!