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Harmon Cooper

Glad you're here.I was born and raised in Austin, Texas before relocating to Asia for five years. Upon returning to the States, I resettled in New England with my wife.I’ve written over thirty-five science fantasy books spanning the GameLit, harem, dark fantasy, superhero, dystopian and cultivation (wuxia/xianxia) genres. I am most known for my series Cherry Blossom Girls and House of Dolls, as well as The Feedback Loop, Monster Hunt NYC, Way of the Immortals and Fantasy Online. Death's Mantle is my newest work.I publish frequently, so please click on the "FOLLOW" link to be informed of my new releases!Thanks for your reads and reviews. Your support has changed my life.Other ways to connect: Mailing list: Reader's group: releases: Way of the Immortals 2:'s Mantle: of the Immortals 1: of the Immortals 1 now an audiobook!Note: All series are standalone. --Jump in anywhere--DEATH'S MANTLE -- Dark fantasy gamelit trilogy. A man becomes the grim reaper and introduces game mechanics to the role. Think On a Pale Horse meets Spawn and the Sandman with crafting and LitRPG elements.WAY OF THE IMMORTALS -- Wuxia/Xianxia cultivation novel that doubles as a portal fantasy. This is one is all about karma cultivation in an unknown world with tons of action and great characters. Book Two will be released in October 2019!WE COULD BE HEROES -- The second series set in the House of Dolls world stars Sam Meeko, who has been (blessed?) with a superpowered nose. Inspired by Chew, Deathnote and Spider-Gwen. HOUSE OF DOLLS -- The Americans meets Super Powereds with GameLit elements. This one has superhero action, dark fantasy violence and other assorted adult situations. Book Three is out now! (Book Four will be out in September/October 2019! Don't miss Child of Chaos, which is a standalone prequel for the series)CHERRY BLOSSOM GIRLS -- Stranger Things meets The Tick meets Breakfast of Champions. This one has superhero action, violence, a harem, and other assorted adult situations.MONSTER HUNT NYC -- Pokemon Go! meets the Persona series meets Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with humor, LitRPG action, and some harem elements.FANTASY ONLINE -- Tokyo-based LitRPG that takes place in 2075. Think South Park meets the Yakuza in a fantasy world. The book ties into the Feedback Loop, Last Warrior, and Monster Hunt NYC series. The final book in the series will be out at the end of 2019.THE LAST WARRIOR OF UNIGAEA -- A dark fantasy LitRPG trilogy about a player killer and his big, bad wolf that ties into the Fantasy Online series. Audiobook narrated by Jeff Hays and Annie Ellicott!THE FEEDBACK LOOP -- Sin City meets Ready Player One meets Groundhog Day. Fantasy, noir, gaming, humor, and cyberpunk action combine in this fan favorite. Some sex, Grand Theft Auto-styled violence. Eight books of GameLit mayhem!LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING -- Hallucinatory cyberpunk with tons of action. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep meets Naked Lunch. YMMV.--Timeline of Proxima-related series--Cherry Blossom Girls - year 2030The Feedback Loop - year 2058The Last Warrior of Unigaea - year 2069Fantasy Online - year 2075Life is a Beautiful Thing - year 2083Monster Hunt NYC - year 2090--Centralia-related series--Child of Chaos House of Dolls We Could Be Heroes --- Light or Dark Side?---If you are looking for a quick way to classify Harmon Cooper’s series based on tone, this should help:Series on the lighter side (humor, fun, action-oriented):Way of the ImmortalsFantasy OnlineCherry Blossom GirlsMonster Hunt NYC We Could Be HeroesSeries on the darker side (suspense, heavier drama, dark fantasy, darker humor):Death's MantleHouse of Dolls Child of ChaosThe Feedback LoopLife is a Beautiful ThingThe Last Warrior of UnigaeaThe Zero Patient