Author Picture

D. Wolfin

D. Wolfin is a young author with an ambition for fantasy and the new litRPG. He has always been an avid reader of the genres, and finally decided to start writing works of his very own.Wolfin was born and still lives in Australia. He has many dreams of travelling the world, pen and paper in hand with the wind at his back, but such dreams are currently being used for creating his stories. As of late 2015, D. Wolfin has taken on the position of a full time author.

Wolfin has developed his own unique style of writing style along with strong thoughts on how a novel should be formatted. His style is to write in first person, present tense, with only events that have already happened in the past tense. Wolfin feels the style is unique to himself, but understands there are so many authors out there that there is bound to be another Author similar.

He has hopes of eventually having several successful book series, his fame spreading to the furthest corners of the land, and becoming an avant in the literature. Of course, we are yet to see any of these things come to fruition.

D. Wolfin is contactable at if you have any questions, fan mail, or seeking life advice. Anger issues, commonly known as hate mail, are also accepted, but please understand if he does not reply to you in these situations.