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Andrei Livadny

Andrei Livadny is a popular Russian science fiction author. Born on May 27 1969 in the city of Pskov, he was an avid reader from an early age. But it was the Russian translation of Robert A. Heinlein's The Orphans of the Sky that decided his choice of future occupation. The story has become a pivotal moment in the boy's life, leaving a lasting impression on him.

Andrei wrote his first book at the age of eight. Since then, he's never stopped working on new books. His passion for science fiction has gradually become his career.

In 1998, Andrei debuted in Russia's leading publishing house EKSMO with his novella The Island of Hope. Since then, he has penned over 90 books that have enjoyed a total of 153 editions.Andrei has created several unique worlds, each unlike the previous. He wrote The History of The Galaxy with humanity itself as a protagonist. This sixty-book series creates a history of our future civilization and its contacts with alien races, forming a convincing and logical picture of humanity's development for two millennia from now. The English translations of the first books of The History of The Galaxy are now available on Amazon.Andrei's recent involvement with the bestselling genre of LitRPG - books set in online roleplaying games - inspired him to create his two most intriguing series to date, The Neuro and Phantom Server. Merging virtual reality with cyberpunk and dark fantasy, these two series prompted an Amazon reviewer to call Andrei ""one of the best new authors in American Sci Fi translated from Russian"".

Besides hard science fiction, Andrei Livadny also works in cyberpunk genres which allow him to focus on human relationships and raise questions about artificial intelligence and identity uploading, describing cyberspace as humanity's future environment.If you don't want to miss any free giveaways & announcements, and much more, you can:- Subscribe to our mailing list:

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