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Aaron Jay

Aaron Jay is a pseudo-pseudonym. My full name is Aaron Jay Weingrad. When working up the cover art it seemed like I had the choice of making my name on the cover so small it wasn’t very readable when seeing the book image as a thumbnail or taking up so much space the art was diminished. Furthermore, throughout my life my name was misspelled by people more often than not. I decided Aaron Jay was easier to search on Amazon correctly and would let people see more of Valentina Migliore’s wonderful artwork.

Now you know my secret identity. I was born in Philadelphia. I’ve worked every kind of job from construction, line cook, and paralegal to film directing and corporate gigs. Writing Beginner’s Luck and the series it starts has been the most rewarding in a lot of ways. Now I live in Los Angeles with my wonderful wife and two children and a dog named after Sir Isaac Newton.

Updates on how my writing is going can be found at: and a number of fans and authors in my genre often hang out at: join us!

I hope you will be looking forward to Book Two of Character

Development: Foundation Strength releasing in early 2018