The Aether Blade (Greatborn Book 1)

When the Northern Republic attacks his kingdom, Valx Delgard discovers he is a greatborn, a person born with tremendous power. The seventeen-year-old son of a shopkeeper is forced from his home to travel across the continent of Ter’al. During his journey, Valx will learn to use his powers as he struggles to survive against two greatborn pursuers, a Northern general and his red-masked assassin. Along the way, he finds himself involved with two greatborn thieves and a secret society of criminals that might have a stronger connection to the North than the thieves themselves ever realized.

The Aether Blade is the first book in an epic fantasy series that will send Valx to different lands across the continent of Ter’al. He’ll fight dragons, encounter mysterious beings known as strangemen, and also meet other greatborn with incredible and unique abilities. But he will also lose many of the people close to him as a war spreads across Ter’al. As this series unfolds, Valx will find himself pushed to the limits of his powers, but he’ll also struggle with his sense of purpose and morality.

Sentenced to Troll 3

February 21, 2020

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