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Interlude-Brandon (The Game is Life Book 3)

Book 3 of 4 Do Not Skip this Story..

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Book 3 of 4
Do Not Skip this Story…There are a lot of answers to questions asked in the first two books, and you will be lost if you miss out on this one!

Brandon Strayne.
Brilliant computer programmer, businessman, and world leader.
Where did this mysterious man come from?
This volume details his history and rise to power.
Before there was the Game…there was a boy….
This takes the story of the Game even further by viewing how it all started!
A must read for all fans of the Game is Life Series.

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Terry Schott


The Game is Life


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"Mather is paving the road ahead and leaving phenomenal tales in hiswake. CyberStorm is a full-fledged entry into the SF genre--anothermasterpiece!" - Wes Davies, author of The Runner"A riveting account of the (potentially) devastating impact ofcyber attacks on ordinary citizens." - Merv Benson, book reviewer for Prairie Pundit

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