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Gong and Chalice: Epic LitRPG Adventure (Fayroll – Book 4)

Sicilian Defense is the fifth book of the epic Fayroll series. With each chapter, we approach the resolution of the secrets which the main character Hagen faces in the game and life.

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I believe Vasilyev to be the only author who’s achieved such a credible mix of real life and virtual reality. This alone is enough to put Fayroll in Top-5 of Russian LitRPG titles.
G. Akella, the author of “Realm of Arkon."
Coups, brides, and quests. A recruitment office and a Recruitment Sergeant, it’s a new thing for Hagen the Warrior but nostalgia for Kif as he ponders joining a ‘Free Company’ heading South. But is he ready for what awaits him? And is the final Dryad worth it as the quest comes to its epic conclusion.
As the Dryad Quest finally comes to an end, Kif must first start a revolution in Fayroll. Only a Palace Coup can complete the quest and change the rulers of the West. Finally, he gets to meet an old God of Fayroll, but it isn’t as he expected; Kif gets drawn into an even bigger and more important quest than anyone could have imagined. Are his manners good enough to please the god so that he can do it? Probably not; but only he can decide if he continues the adventure with the knowledge that time is running out, as his Villa Bride waits for him, and his punishment if he fails to return to her in time.
Meanwhile, in the real world a ‘nice’ visit from Vika’s sister, the mysterious Elina, reveals a gaming secret and causes turmoil for Harry; not to mention troublesome work colleagues, and an expanding staff, as The Fayroll Times grows in popularity and staff. It is a busy time for Kif.
Expertly mixing the real world and game world like few other books can achieve this series is a masterpiece of LitRPG. The synergy between the worlds is natural and both the in-game and real-world narratives are highly engaging and entertaining while developing the story to an exciting climax.
Fayroll continues to grow as a series. With a return of good humor, excellent descriptions and its almost cinematic imagery, Vasilyev continues to demonstrate his exceptional skills as a writer. The fans of Fayroll enjoy the series with every new book. This is an excellent example of LitRPG filled with all the fantasy and sword and sorcery a reader could ask for.
Translated by Jared Firth, keeping close to the original text of Vasilyev’s fantasy Juggernaut, including cultural references adapted for the English mindset. This is especially beneficial when it comes to the author’s sense of humor.

Andrey Vasilyev’s writing career began in 2013 when he had “run out of things to read." Since then, the creator of the Fayroll series has secured himself a reputation as a top author in the relatively new, yet extremely popular genre of LitRPG. A blend of sword and sorcery, cyberpunk meets Sci-Fi and a heroic fantasy at The Cutting Edge of virtual reality.


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