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Harmon Cooper

Harmon Cooper is an Amazon best-selling author of over thirty science fantasy books.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Harmon Cooper was a musician before transitioning to world traveler and writer. He grew up on comic books and JRPGs, and now enjoys gaming, anime, Netflix and yoga, which he does both for spiritual purposes and to combat his 'writer body.'

He lives in New England with his wife, and can be reached via email at:

Or through his Proxima Galaxy Facebook group (which you totally should join):


Latest releases:

Monster Hunt NYC 2 is out now --

The Last Warrior of Unigaea Box Set --

Cherry Blossom Girls 2 audiobook! --

Reapers and Repercussions (Feedback Loop 4) audiobook narrated by Jeff Hays

Cherry Blossom Girls - A Superhero Harem Adventure Book Three


Note: All series are standalone. Jump in anywhere!

CHERRY BLOSSOM GIRLS -- Stranger Things meets The Tick meets Breakfast of Champions. This one has superhero action, violence, a harem, and other assorted adult situations.

Cherry Blossom Girls (Book One)
Cherry Blossom Girls (Book Two)
Cherry Blossom Girls (Book Three)
Cherry Blossom Girls (Book Four) Out in August!

MONSTER HUNT NYC -- Pokemon Go! meets the Persona series meets Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with humor, action, and a light harem.

Monster Hunt NYC (Book One) out now!
Monster Hunt NYC (Book Two) coming July 18th 2018

FANTASY ONLINE -- Tokyo-based LitRPG that takes place in 2075. Think South Park meets the Yakuza in a fantasy world. The book ties into the Feedback Loop, Last Warrior, and Monster Hunt NYC series.

Fantasy Online Hyperborea (Book One)
Fantasy Online Polyna (Book Two)
Fantasy Online the Runestones of Tritinakh (Book Three)
Jatla is Not a S***hole (side story)

THE LAST WARRIOR OF UNIGAEA -- A dark fantasy trilogy about a player killer and his big, bad wolf that ties into the Fantasy Online series.

The Last Warrior of Unigaea (Book One)
The Last Warrior of Unigaea: The Drachma Killers (Book Two)
The Last Warrior of Unigaea: The Red Plague (Book Three)

THE FEEDBACK LOOP -- Sin City meets Ready Player One meets Groundhog Day. Fantasy, noir, gaming, humor, and cyberpunk action combine in this fan favorite. Some sex, Grand Theft Auto-styled violence.

The Feedback Loop (Book One)
Steampunk is Dead (Book Two)
High Fantasy (Book Three)
Reapers and Repercussions (Book Four)
The Mechanical Heart (Book Five)
Cyber Noir Redux (Book Six)
Proxima Riven (Book Seven)
Apotheosis Boom (Book Eight) coming September 2018

LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING -- Hallucinatory cyberpunk with tons of action. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep meets Naked Lunch.

Life is a Beautiful Thing (Book One)
Life is a Beautiful Thing (Book Two)
Life is a Beautiful Thing (Book Three)
Life is a Beautiful Thing (Book Four)

Other works:

THE ZERO PATIENT -- A post apocalyptic dystopian series.
The Zero Patient (Book One)
The Zero Patient (Book Two)

STAR-SPANGLED APOCALYPSE - Urban Fantasy with political satire elements and a buddy road trip story. Audiobook narrated by Andrea Parsneau.

BOY VS SELF - Psychological Urban Fantasy about an artist struggling with hallucinations. Features paranormal encounters including sex with a ghost.

DEAR NSA - short story collection
ZOMBIE LOLITA - short story collection
TOKYO STIRS - short story collection

--Timeline of Proxima-related series--

Cherry Blossom Girls - year 2030
The Feedback Loop - year 2058
The Last Warrior of Unigaea - year 2069
Fantasy Online - year 2075
Life is a Beautiful Thing - year 2083
Monster Hunt NYC - year 2090

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